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Questions & Answers

What is Battle The Beach?

Battle The Beach is a functional fitness event for everyone! It's all about unleashing your physical and mental potential and competing against other athletes. But before you can participate in this incredible competition, you must qualify.

Our qualification process ensures that all participants have the necessary skills and abilities to compete in Battle The Beach. We want to make sure every athlete is at the right level and ready to take on the challenge.

Anyone who is focused and ready for functional training can make it. Find yourself in your division and sign up if you are ready to test your limits and compete with other athletes!

The competition will take place right next to the lighthouse, at the beach in the arena and in the baltic sea.

Why should I participate at Battle The Beach?
  • Exclusive spot at the beach and the Baltic Sea

  • 3 days workout for each athlete

  • 8* workouts for all teams

  • total outdoor event

  • free entry for all spectators and team supporters
    *weather dependent

Do I have to do the Qualification Workout with my partner at the same place?

Yes you have to do the Qualification Workout with your Teampartner together in the same Video.

On what days will I perform in my division?

All Divisions will have to compete in workouts on all three days.

Starting on Friday at about 3pm, on Saturday at about 8am till 6 pm and on Sunday from about 8am till 5pm.

Bring me to the timetable

What will be the timetable?

Number of starting places, divisions and in which Event you are starting will be published on Competition Corner

The overall timetable for Battle The Beach will be published at the following link.

Can I take my dog with me?

For the event on Friday, dogs are allowed on the lighthouse forecourt.

The event area of the beach, including the Sport Beach Arena is not considered a dog beach. Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed there by the statutes of the Baltic Sea Resort.
In case of violation, fines can be levied by the local public order office, so we ask you to follow the rules in your interest.

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