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23. - 25.08.2024 - Battle The Beach!

Welcome to Battle The Beach, a functional fitness event for everyone! It's all about unleashing your physical and mental potential and competing against other athletes. But before you can participate in this incredible competition, you must qualify.

Our qualification process ensures that all participants have the necessary skills and abilities to compete in Battle The Beach. We want to make sure every athlete is at the right level and ready to take on the challenge.

Anyone who is focused and ready for functional training can make it. Find yourself in your division and sign up if you are ready to test your limits and compete with other athletes!

Why participating at Battle The Beach

  • Exclusive spot at the beach and the Baltic Sea

  • 3 days workout for each athlete

  • 8* workouts for all teams

  • total outdoor event

  • free entry for all spectators and team supporters
    *weather dependent

Registration Early Bird

01.04. - 14.04.2024


01.04. - 12.05.2024


22.04. - 12.05.2024

Final Spots

tba Team Spots

at the finals

We are proud to announce that from this year we are a CO2 neutral event with our partner Planet&You!


Our Partners


Divisions 2024

Beachanchor Flip Battle The Beach Eleiko Competition CrossFit

RX Division


Concept2 Crossfit Competition Germany Deutschland Rostock

Intermediate Division


Sledpull Fitness Wettkampf Strand Warnemünde Rostock Deutschland

Scaled Divison


Rx - Skills


  • You have already participated in various competitions RX.

  • If you have completed the CrossFit Open RX and finished in the top 10% and qualified for the Quarter Finals, then you belong here.

  • Both team members should be able to do Bar Muscle Ups & Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Example Weights & Movements for the Qualifier:

  • Double Unders

  • Shoulder to Overhead 60 / 40

  • C2B Pull Ups

  • Bar Muscle Ups

  • Toes to Bar

  • Burpees

Intermediate -Skills

  • You do your workouts in the box primarily RX, then Intermediate is the right division for you.

  • If you do the CrossFit Open mostly RX, then the Intermediate division is the right one for you. Crazy things like at the 23.1 the 20 RMUs we can leave out, they are not necessary.

  • Both team members should be able to do Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Example Weights & Movements for the Qualifier:

  • Double Under

  • Pull Ups

  • C2B Pull Ups

  • Toes to Bar

  • Overhead Squats 60 / 40

  • Shoulder to Overhead 43 / 30

  • Burpees

Scaled - Skills

In this division we want to give all beginners the opportunity to compare themselves among LIKE-minded people.

  • Beginner level

  • No heavy weights

  • No heavy skills (NONE: handstand push ups, double-unders, C2B pull ups....)

  • ONE team member should be able to do Pull Ups

If you are completing CrossFit Open Scaled or need to scale the workouts in your box, this is the place to be!

Example Weights & Movements for the Qualifier:

  • Single Under

  • Ring Row

  • Toes Up

  • Pull Ups

  • Burpees

  • Front Squats 30 / 20

  • Shoulder to Overhead 20 / 15

The Finals | 23. - 25.08.2024



Prize Money



- on all 3 days -

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Free Entry

For all spectators

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